2 years of working at GJGears, a VR games and experiences studio based at Eaubonnes (95600).

I was the first and the last employee. And I have lead up to 3 developers.

My roles

  • Developer (2017)
  • LeadDeveloper (2018 - 2019)


(I can't write a lot about many projects due to confidentiality.)

  • VR multiplayer and crossplatform framework (PC, Vive PC, Oculuc PC, Oculus Quest, ViveFocus) from scratch.
  • Serious game for Surgeon (open-heart surgery training, with VR Gloves)
  • Serious game for Physician (for Octapharma)
  • VR multiplayer games (bow game, karting game ...)
  • Serious games for brands (like 3M, RATP, GoodYears, Engie and others)
  • Amusement arcade Manager (games, maps, servers, players, scores ... with RFID cards and UE4)
  • Plugins UE4 (libs, framework, tools...)
  • Bots discord (nodejs)