Games & Scenes (I can not legally show anything realized after 2017)

Beat Arena

Multiplayer Musical FPS

Unreal Engine 4

A student project of multiplayer game in 2 years made with 3 friends.

End 2014 - July 2016 with Unreal Engine4

Project Manager / Developper /
3D Modeler

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Yarrh a pirate !

Local coop game

Global Gam Jam 2016Unreal Engine 4

A game developed with 3 friends at the Global Game Jam Cergy 2017.
We embody a group of pirate who must overcome the various situations in the style of Overcooked.

20 - 22 January 2017 with Unreal Engine4

All Development

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Scene SCIFI PP 3

Science fiction postprocess scene

Unreal Engine 4

A sci fi matinee based in a futuristic starship. I have created all the graphic assets (except Mars) with 3dsmax and photoshop only.

December 2015 - January 2016 with Unreal Engine4

Environment Artist / Developper

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Projet MMO Pokémon

Engine/Editor/Server of Pokemon MMO


Project halted in Alpha phase (studies). Many versatile knowledge has been acquired, the network development, physics, 2d, etc...

July 2013 - October 2014 written in C#


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An editor of map like RPG Maker XP and an engine of RPG with a simulation of IA (move, talk, follow ...) in Javascript.

Players are given a starting word and a word arrival and must reach the finish word page by clicking on the links highlighted various Wikipedia pages.

A bootleg version of the Overwatch game.
Actually we can play only one character : Mei.

Web projects and others


An online secure password manager.

BeatArena Website

The landing page of Beat Arena project.

Glitter master

A glitter texture generator for ue4.

Pokécard collector

A pokemon card collection manager.

Kings of Lol Nexus

An analyst time-real site for League of legends.

Modes opératoires

An internal Beckman Coulter France website, he manages files like a Dropbox.

GGJ Cergy 2016 T-shirt

Design of the GGJ Cergy 2016 T-shirt and badges.

Browser Game Dissertation

Memory of my studies (Master1 GameDev) on the Browser Games and the Game Streaming.